May 7

I will be adding the other four of One Direction, Eleanor Calder, Cher Lloyd and more. Give me a bit.

May 7

Niall Horan.

Niall Horan||18||Taken

Niall Horan isn’t your average school kid, he also writes music, drinks a lot of alcohol and has a different notch in the bed post every single night. Suddenly the drinking becomes uncontrollable. He begins to go out all night and not do his homework and begins to fail school. When he meets Jade, she begins to open him up piece by piece. Could something ever arrive between the two, or will she just be another notch on his bed post?

May 7
Aiden Grimshaw

Aiden Grimshaw | 18 | Open
Aiden was the joker of the group alongside Louis, always pulling pranks and messing with everyone. It was unusual to see Louis and Aiden not together planning a prank on some teacher. Everyone’s come to know them as the ‘Laiden’ but they weren’t like in a relationship. No Aiden had a secret crush on the school nerd, Matt Cardle which nobody knew about or so he thought. But Louis knew. Even though he loves being the schools biggest prankster Aiden really wants to get good grades and actually achieve something in his last year at college because he desperately needs a good job especially since his father decided to stop paying for his school tuition ever since he got kicked out of the last school he was at. And who better to help him with achieving those excellent grades than the school nerd himself. Matt Cardle. 

May 6

Jade Thirlwall (Little Mix)

Jade Thirlwall | 18 | Open

 Jade had always been the quiet one of the group even though her friends were all loud and eccentric she was more calm and quiet. Jade loved to paint she was an artist and painting helped her to express herself especially when her family kept falling to pieces before her eyes. With excellent grades and wonderful friends Jade doesn’t know how she’s going to survive without them she hates change it takes her a long time to adjust to new changes. She meets Niall Horan when he has to do a days detention helping the art teacher for the mess he caused in the school cafeteria. Jade isn’t much of a talker or doesn’t really socialize much but when she starts to get to know Niall she really wonders why she hide herself away all this time.

May 6

Perrie Edwards (Little Mix)

Perrie Edwards | 18 | Open 

Perrie was the perfect girl, she had wealthy parents with loads of money, excellent grades particularly her Chemistry, a fabulous body, and a wonderful ‘potential’ career lined up but the only thing missing from Perrie’s fantastic life was friends and a boyfriend. See the problem with being rich and well known in town was the fact friends usually use you for the social class and boyfriends only want the money. That is until she meets Danielle, the two instantly connect with their wonderful knack for Chemistry. The two bond easily and Danielle soon helps Perrie to open up a little more and to trust others, this is where she meets Zayn Malik who is just the complete opposite of Perrie but he couldn’t be more right for her, after all Opposites attract. 

May 6

Danielle ‘Dani’ Peazer | 18 | Taken

Danielle had always loved dancing, she always dreamed of dancing like a Prima ballerina in one of those Broadway musicals in New York, but that’s not what her father sought her out to be. No he wanted her to have a Chemistry Major with a degree in pharmacy and a well paid job, he certainly didn’t think dancing would ever be a good job which could pay well. Her mother however supported her and wanted her to follow her heart with what ever she desired. Danielle had grew up with her best friend Niall but were separated when they were 10, now starting their last year at college, Niall and Danielle will soon find that their paths are going to yet cross once again